“Words are the most powerful thing in the universe… Words are containers. They contain faith, or fear, and they produce after their kind.”
– Charles Capps

Container of my words

What is the container of my words?

Of that what I choose to share with the world?

If I choose those of anger

What do I create?

And yet if I choose the words of compassion

Would this more share

What which I intent to set in motion

Of that what I desire to see in the world?

The wise words of Gandhi:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

What does it mean to me?

In my awareness,

What do I choose,

In the now moments

Of my eternity

That I live in?

May my words contain faith



And happiness.

May the words be the way shower into the deeper Light worlds

Of who I AM,

Individuations of the ONE great LOVE

Holding hands with each other.

And looking deep into the words of Gandhi

Inquiring silently

What is the container of my words?

Copyrighted to Ella R.

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