“Through love all pain will turn to medicine. ” – Rumi

Angelic Beings

I was visited by benevolent Beings of Light.

Those angelic beings that spoke to me and came to bless with healing.

As my body was in extreme pain… they came.

I was seeing much light around me

which turned into inner glowing.

And there I visited the realms of Intelligent Space

that are of beauty

of love

of purity

and then

where the Golden Light

shines to HUmanity

from the AH, the Universe of Absolute Harmony

come the codes

to enlighten

and show the way forward.

The light that calls on action

 spoke to me

in my heart.

And where the faces of Masters

speak in stillness

resides the

worlds of harmony

of peace.

Beyond the limitations of the body

beyond those of the mind…

look into the eyes of stillness

and see the worlds of thousands petals opened

for love

that heals everything.

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen

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