“I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows”

Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

Singing to Beloved(c)

O Beloved

thy sweetness

almost unbearable thy embrace of love,

O this bliss



at thy crazy devoted heart.

O I have surrendered



O come again and again

in these sweet silence moments of devotion.

In the light of all emerging

thy beauty

blessings of thy embrace.

And look

this wind has grown so wild

in the arms of thee.

The storm has freed my heart

and thou have come to touch the sunny seas

wild and carried by thee.

O beloved

thy love

have melted me again and again.

With these wings of bliss

I whisper my love songs to thee

my devotional phrases

and the silence.

I am for thee

now and at all times,

this gratefulness

hear my prayers for thee

in humble whispers of silence, where

thy presence melted me

in absolute surrender.

And so drunk with thy presence

I sing to thee

my eternal devotional love songs.

O beloved

I Love you.

In gratefulness.


Come again and again


and shower thy embrace of presence.

Copyrighted Ella Rönkkönen

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