“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”

  ~Judith Campbell

Pause for prayer(C)

What if we paused

for 11 minutes daily

to pray,

to breathe,

to listen,

to be

allowing the chambers opening of the heart wisdom?

What if we listened our own heart’s uttering

in silence,

the words worth noticing

worth of seeing?

The peaceful rhythms

rhymes of love

silent whispers of Mother


for inner child’s embrace.

What if this prayer

would hold the hands of humanity

in breathing of peace,

of love

of joy

of harmonic deeds and actions

within the intention field of love?

Praying of heart’s opening

towards inner peace for all oneness.

For love to find Her sweet voice

to be heard


and lived

through the human hearts of gold.

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen

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