For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them


We learn by doing

Ah, just have an idea,

Supported by the path of your heart.

Listen the voices in your head

Telling of not knowing, of not how.

Ah. so unnecessary…

Start doing, welcome the sacred steps of action.

The first step now

The next first step

Is showing her sacred face

In the golden womb of today

rebirthed into the brilliancy of tomorrow.

Doubt, I here you.

And I send you to sit

To the silver reflector orb..

As I whisper to thee

“It is the heart that is in charge

In the chamber of my path of walk.”

The heart that takes thy hand.

And dear mind

Leading us in the altar of harmony

That breathes itself into a rebirth

In the whiteness of the rebirthed morning.

Copyrighted by Ella R.

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