Sacred life welcomes celebration of each moment.  Life welcomes to honor and to wonder and to feel the miraculous nature of life on Earth. What can block this awesome experience and enjoyment,  our natural childlike exuberance, I feel, is the narrowed three-dimensional world view and history of it. And in this rational only based life, the life appears solid and lonely for many.

Yet it this true? Well, as we know from metaphysics, everything is connected. And our heart knows that we are part of mysterious, part of creation and all that is. Our heart knows that so much more exists than what appears in physical senses, our heart recognizes the miraculous flow of life, beauty of the moment, of nature and sacred life. The mind is used to rationalize and under-stand reality through physical senses and thinking. Yet the Source of deeper knowing, connection to Being and celebration of life comes from else where, from the Source of life.

May us celebrate,

Oh, may all of us find the openings of our hearts

to embrace the now

to open our eyes to see,

to open our true sacred celebration of love

of oneness that we all are.

May we walk together as sisters and brothers

kindly lighting the path of the sacred life,

rejoicing and dancing in the blissful openings of our hearts

welcoming that which is beyond the mind

allowing the great light to fire and burn

in the hearts

of the flow of eternal mystery.


Swami Tavishiananda



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