To sing or not to sing?

Just taking a silent walk

in the fresh morning air of autumn nature,

we can observe a full celebration of life!

A celebration of fresh newborn day of light!

So many sacred sounds of nature,

flow of creation.

Birds singing

opening up the new life in joy,

acknowledging their participation

in the great miraculous gift of life,

spontaneously celebrating with the opening of the new days’ light.

We, human beings

we have a choice,

to sing or not to sing?

To celebrate or not to celebrate?

To see the gift of life and live the life of great mystics,

of miraculous wonderment

of bliss, of ecstasy

or to take life as granted

and dead?

To sing or not to sing?

Oh, I say sing, sing, sing,

the melodies of your heart

the rhythms of your soul.

And live like the now

is the eternal flow of love.

~Swami Tavishiananda /

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen

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