The childlike awe and miraculous life

We all have experienced the sense of wonderment when something unexpected happened and we experienced a sense of joy, surprise and gratitude. Yet, as we continue to evolve in our paths, the natural childlike awe and wonder becomes more of our everyday experience. Then everything is becoming new, beautiful and full of life and colors which is a place where nothing is taken for granted and everything feels like a gratitude filled moment.

The most beautifully we can experience this in the nature. In contact with the nature we can feel and connect to that energy of Mother Earth and allow easily our whole being to be in sense of awe and wonder in the face of the beauty of the nature. Just watching a flower can be a great meditation and open our heart into the miraculous nature of the world.

Miracles can be everywhere if we just open our hearts and minds to them and do not take things for granted. This is possible when we allow our expectations, roles and agendas to drop and see the word with the eyes of the childlike awe. Then everything becomes filled with magic and freshness and it is not possible to experience boredom. Then we can feel more alive and everything seems miraculous. The ability to feel wonder is a spiritual experience that can reveal more of ourselves and inner knowing. It is opening our minds to more and allows us live life more.

“Miracles in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles” George Bernard Shaw

Have a miraculous day in awe~

Swami Tavishiananda /

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