Creating joy in the now

“The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff. It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel.”- Abraham

Today is a typical winter day in Finland: -16 degrees C frost, much snow around and whiteness. And I observe that children are having so much fun and joy… and adults… well, most of the adults walk in the street not properly dressed for winter and look like they had just been taken into fridge with their faces down and looking so angry and serious. I choose to share a secret: I almost never feel cold outside and it is very simple why: we have proper winter clothes for this beautiful gift of winter time celebration. How about using those and celebrating the miraculous beauty of winter and snow? I enjoy every snowflake of it!

When things seem too serious, I ask my Self: how can I create even more joy than I am doing already? And then listening in the Intelligent Space and the answer is usually there in a form of non violating, honoring all ONE form that is really in the presence and connection to the Heart and Love.

When observing children playing we can see pure joy and enjoyment. There is no need to prove that they are somebody, neither fear of being this or that or think about what others may think of them (for example when they are properly dressed for outside weather). They are simply playing for fun. I think we can (un)learn so much just observing children and tuning into this beautiful energy of pure JOY.

“Fun isn’t serious, it is not related to the ego. Ego is always serious… So remember, if you are serious, you will always be in turmoil, inner turmoil. A saint is always in play, as if shooting for the fun of it. He is not interested in shooting at a particular target, he is just enjoying himself.” Osho

The seriousness is generally quite “serious” in the society and even with people who meditate and practise yoga or spiritual practises. I suggest, let’s have fun! Let’s celebrate in meditation of the Life!

I resonate what Osho said about meditation:

“Millions of people miss meditation because meditation has taken on a wrong connotation. It looks very serious, looks gloomy, has something of the church in it, looks as if it is only for people who are dead, or almost dead, who are gloomy, serious, have long faces, who have lost festivity, fun, playfulness, celebration. These are the qualities of meditation.
A really meditative person is playful;
life is fun for him,
life is a leela, a play.” Osho

Let us free our inner children, exuberance and play the Life leela in joyful dance!

Much joy and love,

Swami Tavishiananda

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