Repressing nothing(c)

I received a message at night from “Council of Light” thus I choose to share it.

Repressing anger, sadness or hurt
is not the way.
Become more watchful…
and anger,
greed and jealousy,
sadness is no more…
only Love is.
Throw not things
into the basement of the unconsciousness,
allow the Divine Light to shower the Golden Light
that sees only Love
beyond ego…
only nurture what you are willing to grow
into the new era of Light.

People ARE afraid to go in,
because in their basement
they meet all these things that one wants to avoid.
Let Divine in…
Repress nothing,
sit in your own chamber of love
not indulging neither repressing,
with Your own eyes with Love
with the Light of acceptance
with awareness.

Create a new habit of love
of watching
and letting the Light in…
beyond the habits of
expression and
is acceptance
and the Light of Divine Surrender.

Meditate into this Light and freedom and bliss
is yours.


Swami Tavishiananda

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