Nothing real can be stolen

“Truth needs meditative eyes. If you don’t have meditative eyes, then the whole life is just dull dead facts, unrelated to each other, accidental, meaningless, a jumble, just a chance phenomenon. If you see the truth, everything falls into line, everything falls together in a harmony, everything starts having significance.” ~ Osho

I choose to share with you that at the morning of 121212 my purse was stolen by two men at the train. Well, then I noticed that my passport is also not valid anymore. This means that for the moment I have no legal identity in paper. Of course this complicates life here in the 3d yet when I was contemplating on this incident and its significance and message to me I received the following message from the Council of Light Beings:

“Freedom is beyond the mind
resting in the now.
To trust the unknown unfolding
is the true safety
where you rest in the security within.

To love beyond what appears right or wrong for the mind
is the door of stargate
opening to the heart.

To surrender to what is
is the open window of Presence’s Light.

What is an identity written into a plastic form
clothed into false security numbers of Maya?
False Fibonacci on paper…

How easily can be these things lost
how fast no identity to grasp
to hold on…
Look…what holds thy heart now?
Where is the true light of safety?

Look within dear One
and breathe the love, light
trust and courage of truth
in the waves of compassion
to the Divine play of Life.
and see that nothing real can be stolen.
Laugh into the Lila
and see the beauty of the unknown
opening the stargates of ascension light.”


Swami Tavishiananda

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