“Awareness means to be in the moment so totally that there is no movement toward the past, no movement toward the future — all movement stops. That doesn’t mean that you become static. A new movement starts, a movement in depth.” -Osho

Breathing in… the now
exhaling the past.
Inhaling the now…
exhaling the thoughts.

Allow the beingness to rest in this moment
so completely

so fully,

that the depths of the heart gate open.

Breathing in this cosnciousness
feel surrounded by the Golden Light
that showers the presence of Beloved.

Surround your being with this Light
and see within you

as presence.
Breathing and alive
so fully anchored in the moment
where bliss and peace
fulfill your body, mind and soul.

Just be
and allow the awareness
to guide you into your inner dance of Life

where the depths of the heart gate open.

(c) Ella Rönkkönen / Swami Tavishiananda


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