Conversations with Master…

“Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go. God opens millions of flowers everyday without forcing their buds.” ~ Osho

One of my Teacher’s asked me at Satsang:

– So how do you know when your mind is activated?

– When there is some kind of pain in my experience? I said


– Yes, you recognize you are in the mind when stress, worry, anxiety etc. is your experience, He said.

-So how do you come back into awareness, he asked?

…silence…, stillness…

-In the moment, I said.

-You can come into awareness by seeing what is real now, he said, what can you know is real?

-Only this what is here and now, I said.

-Yes. So you can come into awareness when your mind is activated by looking around you what is real: blue curtains, a red door there, white floor, pink flower… This brings you back into presence instead of believing the thoughts and stories of the mind. Back to awareness of the thoughts, from which can come awareness of the awareness, he said.

…silence…, stillness… bliss… peace….

Om Shanti,

Swami Tavishiananda @ Satsang with Noel

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