Free from The Obsessive Projectionist persona

“Mind is consciousness, which has limitations. We are originally unlimited and perfect. Later on we take on limitations and become the mind.” -Ramana Maharshi

The most common ego identifications may be connected with possessions, work, social status and need for recognition, the acquired knowledge and education or physical appearance, the various belief systems we have been taught and agreed on, or political, nationalistic, religious etc. collective identifications. None of these is who we are.

There are more than 12 personas of the shadow self that we show light on in the karmic clearing sessions and especially in the Master your Personality program. One of the common persona, that I observe collectively these days everywhere is the so called Obsessive Projectionist persona.

Here the Shadow works the Persona in a way where life is perceived as meaningless or empty unless there is a project, challenge or new thing to do. Low boredom thresholds and a lack of awareness of the inner worlds characterize such tendencies. The archetype tends to express this deep, inner emptiness, through obsessive projection, creation of so many possibilities, that none can be acted upon fully. There is a close similarity to the woman who got pregnant every time she felt life to be meaningless (“The Pumpkin Eater” movie). The addictions of this shadow aspect are work, “creativity” or to pass the time. The goal of this persona is to find self Identity (that is of course not real at all). This persona fears to have lack of authenticity and may show shadow virtues of being very unique individual.

The way you can find out how much of this persona you have in your life is to ask yourself:

-Do you have many unfinished projects going on in your life?
-Are you easily bored if you do not have a new project or thing to do? How do you think, feel and behave in the situations?
-Are you constantly looking something to “do” even you would have time to relax (e.g. iphone, emails, social media etc.)?
-Do you create your value or identity to yourself through your work, hobbies or projects?

The way to heal this is to clear the identifications from all the energetic levels which is in fast way done in a karmic session and
then welcome the True Self acceptance into our lives.

Accept yourself as you are, welcome the healing self love in your awareness. Just be and sit in stillness…

And if you practice this you may observe that it feels difficult at first, because it goes against all our training, education, and cultural belief systems. As we have been so heavily programmed how we should be. And have anyone ever told you that you are good as you are?

The most wonderful day in self acceptance and peace!

Om Shanti,

Swami Tavishiananda

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