Like a child who got her milk with cream

O this state of joy
this happiness
this truth
with thou,
I rejoice
like a child
who has just got her
with cream.

O beloved
in blind love
for thee
I see clearly
yet my devotion
has blinded me
in bliss
in love for thee

such an embrace
thou have blessed me with.

O beloved
in thy arms
I have surrendered
like a cloud to the droplets of nectar
within me.

Drunk in thy arms
I roll
like a top
who has been charged with
power of eternal roll force.

Beloved to thee
belong me.

O in eternal gratefulness to thy presence,
such an embrace
thou have blessed me with.


A poem from project Devotion by Ella Rönkkönen and Inka Kojo

Copyrighted AHU Energy Inter action

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