Nurturing our inner child

There is a little child within each of us who needs love and acceptance and sometimes healing… as when we were children we may have received the punishment-reward kind of education and thus may have taught that “I’m not good enough” or “something is wrong with me” etc. And when we grow older, we may have created beliefs of many kinds and carry these false beliefs with us.

The parent inside of us, if we just pause and listen inside, may even seem to constantly judge the child within about what seems not going “right” and is going “wrong” or in which ways the child is not good enough. What can we do, is to allow consciously the inner parent to become more nurturing, loving and accepting to our inner child. It means to heal the past and to become more whole, more aware and more open to life.

We can communicate with our inner child and heal her/him in the awareness, acceptance, love and by transmuting the ids (identifications) and past analogical moments of the past events. Recently I have offered these kind of sessions via Skype chat where we nurture and open the inner child healing within. Love is the healing power and added with forgiveness and acceptance we have a powerful tool for nurturing and healing our inner child towards wholeness in our experience.

Much love,

Swami Tavishiananda

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