Message from the Intelligent Space 6.3.2013:

Why are so many afraid to be still?
To just be in solitude and look within?
Just to look within and see what is there…

Much courage is required.
Courage and willingness to face and recognize all
To look what had been the mind of individual been nurturing?

Are you ready sweet Ones
to meet your self one to one
face to face?
To see and to open
to heal and to be Present
here and Now to what is?

Say yes to Life
Say yes to courageous path of Truth
that meets what is
in clarity and in Light of awareness.
Fear not if thou find anger
or sadness
or what thy mind may label as turmoil.
Look within courageously
Be with thy Self in Light
and Welcome the stillness
evolving gradually…
into Bliss
and celebration of the natural and True of Yourself.

Allow the support of the Light and Masters
And welcome the soul mission with joy
with gratitude and with humility.

Meditate and sing thy song of Life.

Om Namah Shivaya,


(c) Ella Rönkkönen / AHU Energy Inter Action

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