Not knowing mind is the open mind of Light

“When you come with knowledge you come already corrupted. When you come in innocence, knowing that you don’t know, then the doors are open – then you will be able to know. Only that person who has no knowledge is capable of knowing.” -Osho

I just read this joke today:

A small child is reading a pictorial book on wildlife, and he becomes very intrigued with the pictures of ferocious lions. He reads whatsoever is there, but one question is not answered there, so he asks his mother.

He asks his mother: “Mom, what type of love life do lions have?”
The mother said, “Son, I don’t know much about Lions because all your father’s friends are Rotarians.”

It shows how easily when our mind is occupied with some idea or agenda it can not be open and SEE, neither listen what is being said.

Osho said in one of his talks that the difference in looking and seeing is that when you are looking, mind is active; when you are seeing, mind is passive – that is the difference. When you are looking, mind is trying to manipulate. When you are seeing, mind is silent – just watching, available, open, with no idea in particular to enforce on reality.

Open mind enables innocence and opening of our heart and mind to silence and inner knowing. There is no ego agenda and life flows, flowers inside open and light shines within and out.

Much love and joy of not knowing to your day!

Swami Tavishiananda

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