Discussion with silence

How to deal with worrying thoughts as a mother of my 3 months old?

Dear One… The nature of thoughts and sensations is that they come and go. Let them flow… the earlier challenges seemed as important as the challenges of today so… why worry about any-thing?

All these movements let them be witnessed. Be the witness… the non doer as you do your daily things with your child, let it be meditation and relax. Just allow the silence of the Self to enter you and center yourself into Being.

When any worry thoughts enters,
inhale I
exhale AM… repeat 7 times…
and anchor into the Being.

Allow every-thing… every visitor as they are just visitors, offer the shower of love as doing a healing sessions and let them go… allowing the life flow. Breathe and ssshhh….
let the love,
let the love
AND there is the light.

Received 8.5.2013
by Ella Rönkkönen (c)


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