Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can go through the DNA Activations?

A: Anyone who feels guided to this. Many beings from the AH Universe are having awakenings and so are the Indigos and Angelic Humans.

Q: How do I have my DNA Activated?

A: At the schedule time of your session Swami Tavishiananda connects to your Higher Self by entering a deep meditative state of awareness. After saluting your Higher Self and creating a protective energetic field, I then proceed to do the energy healing or DNA activation as scheduled. For example I scan your entire chakra system in an aura clearing session. The sessions and DNA activations are all done remotely so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. An energy directing technique will be done to open up the seals that block DNA activation, and then infuse your bio-energetic field using mathematical light and sound symbols as well as scalar language commands.  The codes of AH created by Ivonne Delaflor are activated  also remotely.

Q: What is the complete process and the total price for the required sessions?

A: There are prerequisites before starting the advanced DNA Activations. It is recommended that you go through 1 Auric Clearing, 1 Karma Removal, a J seal removal and 2 DNA Activations at the minimum.

After these sessions you can proceed to the DNA Ascension Activation Strands 4-12. There are 3 different sessions to complete and each session lasts approximately one hour.

You can purchase each basic session individually for eur 73.80

Q: I have done the initial sessions (Auric Clearing, Karma Removal and 2 DNA Activations) with Toby Alexander can I do the Golden DNA activation and/or DNA Ascension Sacred Codes Activations with you?

A: Yes. These sessions belong to the more advanced and specific DNA activations than the initial ones.

How do I order and schedule my healing sessions?

A: You can send an email to


Q: Why are the (Golden) DNA Activations so important right now and what effects will they have on myself?

A:  You can experience an expansion of awareness, the activation of the Original Divine Blueprint for health and start to embody more of your Higher Self. After these sessions your frequency will be much higher and you attract new “reality” of people, places, times and events. You have possibility to attract your true Soul family. You will be living more in line with your Higher Self and your divine purpose here on Earth. Please read the post stellar activation cycle to understand the importance more detailed.

Q: I have read that the DNA Activation process depends a lot on what type of DNA Template the facilitator has and how much frequency they can hold. What type of DNA Template do you have?

A: Yes. DNA Activation is a process of energy transmission or shaktipat. The more and higher the light frequency the facilitator has the more energy he/she can transmit to the student and the more DNA Activation will occur in the sessions. I have a Indigo Type-1 48 Strand DNA Template This means I can draw in frequencies from the AH Universe here on Earth and serve within this DNA activation mission. I also work on myself daily doing clearings and activations, raising my frequency and activating my own DNA to accrete more light into my body.

Q: What is the complete price for the Golden DNA Activations?

A: The investment is for 111 eur per session and 3 sessions are required. This also includes the activation of a Sacred Code for protection at the beginning of every session and another Sacred Code for optimal integration for the completion of each session. You also receive a very powerful mantra for meditation and integration purposes.

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