How about to experience the world from the Heart instead of from the head?

Have you ever tried to quiet your thoughts? Does it end successfully or does it end up thinking about thinking? How about lessening the impact of your thoughts by allowing the awareness of them to flow from your Heart?

The center of the chest next to the physical heart, is often considered the spiritual center of your Being.

Let’s make an experiment shall we? Ready?

Close your eyes for this.

And just recognize what you are aware of in this moment: the sounds, thoughts, sensations in the body? Recognize if you are sensing all that from the head? What is it like?

Now allow the sensing to go into your Heart and feel from the center of your chest. Allow what you are experiencing to be seen by your Heart instead of your head. What is it like?

See if you can do this and see does your awareness open up and expand? How do you feel? See if it is true or not that awareness expands when it’s not being constricted by thoughts? Do you sense more oneness and connection with whatever you are sensing? Are there peace and softness in the experience?

Awareness through the head is effortful because it is contracted like muscles working yet when awareness flows through the Heart, relaxation and expansion naturally occurs as the awareness can rest from all the effort of focusing and figuring things out. Try yourself and let me know if this is true or not for you?

Much love,

Ella Rönkkönen

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