Hello dear friends,

This day I share you something about Self reading or how to connect to your Higher Self and have information for your path. The ability to obtain information and guidance may be used to explore our own personality issues, find decisions that are in line with Divine and much more. In the exercise that follows, this is done through an intuitive reading.

You can make an intuitive reading on yourself by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, breathing in and out deeply at least 7 times, relaxing fully in to your Being. Then when feeling relaxed and calm, visualize that a bright Golden Light arrives to above your head and travels into your heart. Allow this Light to shine in you, fill you all over. Meditate in this quietly for few minutes breathing deeply in and out through your nose. 

Now at the same time as you feel this Golden Light allover, formulate a question about yourself in your mind. The question might be, for example: What is my greatest gift that I can serve all Beings with? Localize your awareness on the Golden Light and on the question simultaneously for a few seconds and then release the question and the Light, allowing whatever pictures, sounds or feelings and sensations come up to effortlessly emerge on the screen of your mind and body, without any thinking or judgment interfering the process. You can repeat with other questions, such as: How can I best improve my work of service? You may use other questions, as well: What is the main issue in my life right now? What is my greatest strength related to this issue? 

You can explore yourself by formulating your own questions. If you give this process a try, you may be amazed by the usefulness of the information you are provided. This process requires absolute trust to your own Higher Self and the release of any preformed expectations or what your mind would secretly want as and answer. If you simply relax into this and allow what comes you may feel amazed by this process.

Let me know how it goes. 

Much love


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