Chat with me about anything or nothing?

I would be most Honored to connect with you. Contact me in here or at Skype or via email ( and I will set up a time with you on Skype. We will talk for about 45 minutes about anything you would like. You might wish to discuss a personal or life situation challenge or ask about the DNA activation/energy clearings or anything you like in more detail.

After we speak, we’ll say goodbye and you can decide if it was worth your while. If it was helpful, fun and/or enlightening in any way, I ask that you send, whatever you are “able to” or whatever you “feel” was worth my time and information or healing that we may do as we chat (from 15 to 80 euros). That is up to you and I have no judgement of it. This is a way to offer this service to all no matter what your financial situation is.



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