Welcoming simple life

It seems that the life for many people seem to be very complicated, and stressful with little or no balance. We have created so many things to do, to fill the days up, that many seem to have little time to attune with

 with what really matters in life.

And even those times what can be called as the gap times from our duties or activities are filled with distractions readily available for all, such as iPhones, computers, television etc. Just sitting in a bus to the city center reveals that almost everyone are doing something with their phones, missing thus these valuable possibilities to have a pause, and filling their minds with even more stuff. I used to do and live like that many years ago, before I was offered a true pause from everything with the clothes of serious dis-ease and near to death experience that changed my life for good. And from that I am so grateful in the now.

Too many of us are still living in non balance, where the time for doing, being and resting is not optimal. Thus, many kinds of sleeping challenges, stress, anxiety and dis-eases result from this. I feel that much of this is because many do not connect with their Higher Selves and souls and thus do not experience the Divine Presence in their life. Then the life and the mind is filled with constant distractions that ensures that the connection can not be established. This seem to affect so that people live according to the expectations of others, in the mode of survival, in a constant outer or social pressure, inner conflicts etc. that does not allow human beings to flourish and be freely the Higher Dimensional versions of their selves. All this automatically means that the social meetings and actually all actions that are conducted are one way or other based on personal ego agendas. This means a life without harmony, without the presence of love and life out of balance.

In my experience, the greatest gift is to feel the connecting to the Higher Self, to the Divine and Be and rest in the field of Love and silence. Divine creates order, harmony and balance in the universe and in each individual life, when we just allow and choose this. Within this beingness, it becomes natural to long towards even more simple life, towards more balance. The Divine connection with Higher Self is not based on external things. It is based on the resting and being in the heart, in the lotus of our own soul’s presence where everything is perfect as it is. No IPhone is needed. Yet what is needed, is readiness to surrender one’s life to the Divine and to let the life be orchestrated from there. And then the recognition may come that actually, one’s actual needs are simpler than they have appeared, and many needs have been based on some kind of fear, that may have looked like bringing security to the false personas of our life.

We can pause right now, and ask ourselves:
What it is that really matters in my life?
How could I connect to my soul even more than I am doing already?
How could I balance and simplify my life even more than I am doing already?

May we all find more simplicity in our life, the connection to our True Higher Selves and allowing the balance and harmony in our lives. May the true needs of all Beings be fulfilled and our lives orchestrated in line with the Divine will, in Divine flow where each one rests in the Field of Love and balance.


Swami Tavishiananda / www.energyinteraction.net

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