Significant ordinary life

“It depends on you how you interpret. The word ‘ordinary’ is of tremendous significance — but it depends! If you understand…. These trees are ordinary. These birds are ordinary. The clouds are ordinary. The stars

are ordinary. That’s why they are not neurotic. That’s why they don’t need any psychiatrist’s couch. They are healthy, they are full of juice and life. They are simply ordinary! No tree is mad enough to be competitive, and no bird is bothered at all who is the most powerful bird in the world — no bird is interested in that. He simply goes on doing HIS thing, and enjoys it.” ~Osho

I choose to believe and practice even more that each moment has a sacred meaning and that an ”ordinary life” is not really existing. Life may seem ordinary sometimes, if we do not feel the connection to the Higher Self and the miraculous nature of life. Outer accomplishments, tasks or their apparent mind created significance have no real power to create the great and sacred moments of life. Doing the most ordinary things with great joy and presence can create the daily ingredients to gratitude, happiness and joy.

The most important relationship in our lives is with the inner Self and not with the outer circumstances of life. From the inner relationship to Self we, however, participate to the outer life, whether we are conscious of it or not.

“If you can be ordinary, you are successful.” Osho

The feeling of having a purpose of our soul is not, in my experience, related to ego. This purposefulness is characterized by love, joy, gratitude, humility, great devotion and a sense of being at home. And this can be expressed in all small things, daily rituals, and at work that we choose to serve at.

“To be ordinary is to be extraordinary. To be simple is to have come home. But it depends: the very word ‘ordinary’ and you start feeling a bitter taste — ordinary? you and ordinary? Maybe everybody else is ordinary but you are special. This madness, this neurosis exists in everybody’s mind.”~ Osho

The ego’s sense of purpose, instead, may come from conditioned thinking, false ambition, neediness or any aspect of the shadow parts of our lower self. And it can be recognized as usually it simply does not feel very good to our inner knowing, and it should not, because this is our guidance for consciousness and a possibility to change what is needed and to open the inner petals of life of more joy, love and peace.

And in my experience, whatever reality we create or whatever circumstance we may have in life, we are constantly on a journey and possibility of learning more about ourselves and of the great mystery of life and Universe.

“Whatsoever you see in life is your interpretation. To me, the word ‘ordinary’ is tremendously significant. If you listen to me, if you hear me, if you understand me, you would like just to be ordinary. And, to be ordinary there is no need to struggle for it. It is already there.

Then all struggle disappears, all conflict. You simply start enjoying life as it comes, as it unfolds. You enjoy the childhood, you enjoy the youth, you enjoy your old age — you enjoy your life and you also enjoy your death. You enjoy all the seasons round the year — and each season has its own beauty, and each season has something to give to you, some ecstasy of its own.” ~Osho

Much love and miraculous moments in the now,

Swami Tavishiananda

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