About purification process

The releasing and purification that is taking place in the face of the new energies of 2012 can be recognized for example when emotions become more conscious and more intense. Many people seem to have started exp

eriencing what is called as a “dark night of the soul” and many challenges seem to suddenly appear into the life.

Yet this can be also seen as a huge opportunity for the purification and release of “old” negative beliefs, wounds, emotional patterns stored in our system that are seeking to be released, seeking the LIGHT energies to transcend themselves and welcoming the new Era of love.

This can become a very painful situation, however, if we do not know what is happening and if we do not see a way through the emotional situations and chaotic situations that may evolve. Each human being is affected by the greater light and higher frequencies coming to the Earth right now and the purifying process may be very intense these times. If the new energy arriving into Earth can not come through our energy system, because of the various energetic blockages, implants etc, then we may experience many symptoms of emotional, mental and bodily pain and dis-eases. The key is to clear these blockages from our energy levels so that we can accrete more light into our being. That is exactly what we work on doing in the energy clearing sessions.

Emotions of despair, depression, and hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, worry can be also consciously combined with consciousness of how to remain aligned with light and love and our Higher Self no matter how depressed thoughts the mind suggests to think and body to feel. This consciousness can be that of the observer, who allows these visitors to come and go without reacting to them and with a curious inquire of their nature and original source. The consciousness is also the light that transmutes the pain body.

May we all rest in the Grace of the Divine Love, allowing the hearts to be open and our souls guide us into the deeper awareness, accretion of more light and moving forward into clarity, purpose, Grace, humility and peace. AHU~ Swami Tavishiananda / www.energyinteraction.net


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