At times, if the mind becomes overactive, filled with repetitive unwanted thoughts, then it is important to find again the centered being and resting in the heart.

We can find the heart by for example just pausing… closing gently the eyes and breathing in and out slowly and deeply… sensing fully into the heart chakra, feeling the lightness and warmth flowing in our heart. And while doing this, we can invite the gratitude of all the beauty that we have in our life. And with our pure intention allowing this light to enter more deeply into our heart like a nourishing flame that burns out anything that is not resonating with our Higher Self.

Then we can ask in this state “What is the Source of Love in me”? And listen deeply in quietness… This can lead to a deeper discovery in silence where over active mind is no more an issue.

If it is difficult to feel the love energy we can first find a place or situation where we felt the most love energy in our lives and connect to that. Going deeply in the feeling of what we love, opens the door of heart and we can welcome more lightness, gratitude in our being.

In the process of DNA activating we are the most focused to activating the 4th strand that is directly connected to the heart chakra. This activation allows one to start feeling genuine Self Love and connect to one’s soul, higher purpose and to start living a life in joy and Divine Love.

In Divine Love,

Swamini Tavishiananda / AHU Energy Inter Action

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