To enter into a relationship fully or into a life of true purpose, we require to enter into life with our full selves to enable a greater contribution and life filled with love. What hinders us in living fully are for example the many roles

 we play with other people, often unknowingly. The roles, if we identify with them, are like a version of reality which is not reality of who we are.

When we are involved with people in any situation, in our families, at work, with social meetings etc. we are involved with roles that are filled by expectations and standards of how we are to act and what we are to say. If we are identified with any of these roles that we meet in our daily lives, they are limiting our potential and our freedom and are acting as substitutes of the real and Higher Self us. And the culture and society has made a big job in training us “how to behave” and we have learned since early childhood (in the kindergarten and at home) how not to be our genuine selves.

Yet in my experience, much of the spiritual growth and blooming of awareness is actually unlearning and clearing the many roles, personas and behavior patterns and energetic blockages related to them in order to be who we really are beyond the identifications on any roles. Only then we can shine the Light that we are and feel and to BE and live the True Selves that we are.

Just imagine a society where each ONE of us was supported for authentic BEING and expression of the Individuated God Source that we are…A society where each soul would know their true mission and soul’s purpose and lived from their Higher Self and contributing in line with their Higher Self and not from the roles of ego. What a love based society would that be!

May we all be free of identification to any roles or standards and live a life of joy and Higher Purpose anchored in Divine Love.


Swami Tavishiananda

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