Choosing love over darkness

How can the separation from love take place? It can happen in obvious or subtle ways. Usually non harmonious thoughts and beliefs in the mind and/or heart beginning to contract or close down are the signs that

show that the separation from the Love field is taking place.

Sometimes we engage in so called analogical moments, where reactions occur and time may seem to cease or we may just feel the energy like a dark cloudiness around us. The darker energy which removes us from the love field may not be consciously recognized sometimes. At these moments we also create energetic blockages and may also feel pressure or even pain in a certain location in the body.

Usually judgment toward others and self, irritation, anxiety or anger happens when the ego is activated and these emotions may be justified by the mind which tries to justify them by the outer circumstances or project them to others. Yet, this justification creates more separation from the love field of energy and tightens the darker “energy clouds” and makes it rather difficult to notice that there is actually a choice that we can choose to return to love.

We can return to love by choosing openness, acceptance and by surrendering to our Higher Self with trusting heart and with readiness to let go of the negative emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Much trust and the attitude of “May Thy will happen always through me” is needed to overcome the ego-mind’s reactions.

Energies of darkness cannot exist where love is. The light that start to come into the heart and mind and into the whole being purifies the cloudiness energies and allows the heart to open even more. When love starts to bloom, the mind blooms also, showering with higher thoughts resulting actions and choices of loving nature.

May us all open to love and allow the light of the Source to purify our hearts and minds. Namaste~ Swami Tavishiananda (

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