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 Contact: ella@energyinteraction.net

Would you like to empower your life, would you like to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Are you ready to activate your inner healing powers, intuition and the Great Master within and expand your awareness beyond the limitations of the ego mind? Are you ready to step into your own greatness and connect more with your Higher Self?

AHU Energy Inter Action offers many services for you to support your evolution and growth, awaken the Great Master and Inner Healer within and support your journey to the next level of your evolution and living in line with your soul’s purpose.

I Am grateful to welcome you to energy healing sessions and personal coaching. I work with several energy healing techniques, offering for example Reiki Tummo, aura clearing, karma clearing energy healing, DNA Activation energy healing, the Golden DNA activations, Healing sessions with the codes of AH, Transcendental Rebirthing SystemTM sessions, The Great Master Training, Kundalini yoga and personal coaching sessions.

I work through distance energy healing thus your physical location does not matter. I connect to your Higher Self and communicate; My Christos Avatar Self to your Christos Avatar Self and the Absolute Harmonic Universe. In some coaching sessions we communicate via Skype and webinar programs. If you desire to meet me you can schedule a session with me at my home (located at Espoo Finland).

All your personal information and all of your sessions are kept private and strictly confidential. And I work with higher codes of ethics.

Please feel free to contact me to book your healing sessions and if you have any comments or questions regarding the services.

With much love, gratitude and respect I welcome
You in your inner joy-rney home.
I AM grateful to assist You in your joy-rney.

Swamini Tavishiananda 

Contact: ella@energyinteraction.net to schedule your sessions

Listen with heart as your heart is filled with all the information of who YOU are. Feel within your heart, as your heart is the door for higher consciousness, worlds of purity, realms of joy and dimensions of peace. Sense with your heart, as within the heart grows connection with unity and connection with the truth. And see with, within  your heart as within your heart resides the key to open the vision, the mission and love that we all are. ~Swami Tavishiananda

Contact: ella@energyinteraction.net

About Swami Tavishiananda

Ella, spiritual practitioner, author, mother, intuitive life coach, is the Founder of AHU Energy Inter Action. She is  certified from various energy healing techniques and is a kundalini yoga instructor. She is certified from Reiki Tummo Healing with Padmacahaya, Codeologist of AH, DNA Master practitioner, Golden DNA activation practitioner, the sacred 12 codes of ascension practitioner, The Great Master teacher and Transcendental Rebirthing Level 1 and 2 instructor with Toby Alexander (Swami Shivananda) and Ivonne Delaflor (Swami Amenai). She has studied healing techniques, Reiki I and II in Kerala, India, within her living and studying at Mata Amritanandamayi Math ashram. She has certified in one year DMP program as a Diamond Mentorship Coach for women. She is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified kundalini yoga instructor according the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and she is certified from 1,5 year program of Integral Psychology studies with PhD in Med., director of the East and West Pychoconsulting Oy (EWP Oy) Sergey Kuprijanov. She was initiated as Swami Tavishiananda in The Silver Violet Maitri Swami order and  her sacred name was given by Sri Babaji Nagaraj. Ella holds PhD in Technology in Chemical Engineering and has several years background on science, engineering and research.

Contact: ella@energyinteraction.net

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