“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” – Khalil Gibran

The green grass of life(c)

Let me breathe

the fresh evening of autumn air.

Let the wind

dance in my hair

on my face

and in my heart.

Let the power of prana

breathe me,

in me

and balance the heart

of the wild dancer of love.

I walk with bare feet

on the grass of life.

With bare feet,



at the winds of the autumn airs,


and dancing.


o dancer

the whispers of Earth Mother

the soul uniting silence,

the wind

and the sunset that touches me so deeply.

As I write dreams from silence

into the books of the wind

to be danced

to be felt whole heartedly

with naked bare feet

on the green grass of life.

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”

Breathing kindness

Breathing kindness



heart felt honesty.

To speak the truth of  one’s heart

to say no when meaning it

to say yes when meaning it

to stand in the asana of integrity

to breathe together the navel point

and the kindness of the heart center.

To breathe in kindness

elevating spirits

to breathe out honesty


and stand in the grace of the heart’s kindness.

Breathing kindness



heart felt honesty.

Breathing prayer

for the day of kindness

of love.

Copyrighted by Ella Rönkkönen

“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”

  ~Judith Campbell

Pause for prayer(C)

What if we paused

for 11 minutes daily

to pray,

to breathe,

to listen,

to be

allowing the chambers opening of the heart wisdom?

What if we listened our own heart’s uttering

in silence,

the words worth noticing

worth of seeing?

The peaceful rhythms

rhymes of love

silent whispers of Mother


for inner child’s embrace.

What if this prayer

would hold the hands of humanity

in breathing of peace,

of love

of joy

of harmonic deeds and actions

within the intention field of love?

Praying of heart’s opening

towards inner peace for all oneness.

For love to find Her sweet voice

to be heard


and lived

through the human hearts of gold.

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen

“Each person’s life – each life form, in fact – represents a world, a unique way in which the universe experiences itself.” – Eckhart Tolle

Celebrating life

Today I pray and celebrate all life in love.
Today I breathe
in the love fields of dance.
In the sacred chamber of solitude
swimming in the ocean of life
smoothly like dolphin doing curves
deeper into Light of life.
I celebrate
and summon all sacred Beings
to rejoice
to dance
to rise into wings of love.
And look so magically
as the poet’s heart,
prayer is dancing.
As we breathe the air of sweet sacred gathering
reaching our hands to each other
in the ring of fire dance of hearts
where all life forms rejoice
and breathe the air of freedom
in the love fields of dance.

Copyrighted to Ella Rönkkönen