Choosing love over darkness

How can the separation from love take place? It can happen in obvious or subtle ways. Usually non harmonious thoughts and beliefs in the mind and/or heart beginning to contract or close down are the signs that

show that the separation from the Love field is taking place.

Sometimes we engage in so called analogical moments, where reactions occur and time may seem to cease or we may just feel the energy like a dark cloudiness around us. The darker energy which removes us from the love field may not be consciously recognized sometimes. At these moments we also create energetic blockages and may also feel pressure or even pain in a certain location in the body.

Usually judgment toward others and self, irritation, anxiety or anger happens when the ego is activated and these emotions may be justified by the mind which tries to justify them by the outer circumstances or project them to others. Yet, this justification creates more separation from the love field of energy and tightens the darker “energy clouds” and makes it rather difficult to notice that there is actually a choice that we can choose to return to love.

We can return to love by choosing openness, acceptance and by surrendering to our Higher Self with trusting heart and with readiness to let go of the negative emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Much trust and the attitude of “May Thy will happen always through me” is needed to overcome the ego-mind’s reactions.

Energies of darkness cannot exist where love is. The light that start to come into the heart and mind and into the whole being purifies the cloudiness energies and allows the heart to open even more. When love starts to bloom, the mind blooms also, showering with higher thoughts resulting actions and choices of loving nature.

May us all open to love and allow the light of the Source to purify our hearts and minds. Namaste~ Swami Tavishiananda (

To enter into a relationship fully or into a life of true purpose, we require to enter into life with our full selves to enable a greater contribution and life filled with love. What hinders us in living fully are for example the many roles

 we play with other people, often unknowingly. The roles, if we identify with them, are like a version of reality which is not reality of who we are.

When we are involved with people in any situation, in our families, at work, with social meetings etc. we are involved with roles that are filled by expectations and standards of how we are to act and what we are to say. If we are identified with any of these roles that we meet in our daily lives, they are limiting our potential and our freedom and are acting as substitutes of the real and Higher Self us. And the culture and society has made a big job in training us “how to behave” and we have learned since early childhood (in the kindergarten and at home) how not to be our genuine selves.

Yet in my experience, much of the spiritual growth and blooming of awareness is actually unlearning and clearing the many roles, personas and behavior patterns and energetic blockages related to them in order to be who we really are beyond the identifications on any roles. Only then we can shine the Light that we are and feel and to BE and live the True Selves that we are.

Just imagine a society where each ONE of us was supported for authentic BEING and expression of the Individuated God Source that we are…A society where each soul would know their true mission and soul’s purpose and lived from their Higher Self and contributing in line with their Higher Self and not from the roles of ego. What a love based society would that be!

May we all be free of identification to any roles or standards and live a life of joy and Higher Purpose anchored in Divine Love.


Swami Tavishiananda

At times, if the mind becomes overactive, filled with repetitive unwanted thoughts, then it is important to find again the centered being and resting in the heart.

We can find the heart by for example just pausing… closing gently the eyes and breathing in and out slowly and deeply… sensing fully into the heart chakra, feeling the lightness and warmth flowing in our heart. And while doing this, we can invite the gratitude of all the beauty that we have in our life. And with our pure intention allowing this light to enter more deeply into our heart like a nourishing flame that burns out anything that is not resonating with our Higher Self.

Then we can ask in this state “What is the Source of Love in me”? And listen deeply in quietness… This can lead to a deeper discovery in silence where over active mind is no more an issue.

If it is difficult to feel the love energy we can first find a place or situation where we felt the most love energy in our lives and connect to that. Going deeply in the feeling of what we love, opens the door of heart and we can welcome more lightness, gratitude in our being.

In the process of DNA activating we are the most focused to activating the 4th strand that is directly connected to the heart chakra. This activation allows one to start feeling genuine Self Love and connect to one’s soul, higher purpose and to start living a life in joy and Divine Love.

In Divine Love,

Swamini Tavishiananda / AHU Energy Inter Action

About purification process

The releasing and purification that is taking place in the face of the new energies of 2012 can be recognized for example when emotions become more conscious and more intense. Many people seem to have started exp

eriencing what is called as a “dark night of the soul” and many challenges seem to suddenly appear into the life.

Yet this can be also seen as a huge opportunity for the purification and release of “old” negative beliefs, wounds, emotional patterns stored in our system that are seeking to be released, seeking the LIGHT energies to transcend themselves and welcoming the new Era of love.

This can become a very painful situation, however, if we do not know what is happening and if we do not see a way through the emotional situations and chaotic situations that may evolve. Each human being is affected by the greater light and higher frequencies coming to the Earth right now and the purifying process may be very intense these times. If the new energy arriving into Earth can not come through our energy system, because of the various energetic blockages, implants etc, then we may experience many symptoms of emotional, mental and bodily pain and dis-eases. The key is to clear these blockages from our energy levels so that we can accrete more light into our being. That is exactly what we work on doing in the energy clearing sessions.

Emotions of despair, depression, and hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, worry can be also consciously combined with consciousness of how to remain aligned with light and love and our Higher Self no matter how depressed thoughts the mind suggests to think and body to feel. This consciousness can be that of the observer, who allows these visitors to come and go without reacting to them and with a curious inquire of their nature and original source. The consciousness is also the light that transmutes the pain body.

May we all rest in the Grace of the Divine Love, allowing the hearts to be open and our souls guide us into the deeper awareness, accretion of more light and moving forward into clarity, purpose, Grace, humility and peace. AHU~ Swami Tavishiananda /

About multi-dimensional experience and living

The higher frequency energy is coming now to Earth and is available for us and thus many people experience many changes in their life experiences and even very spontaneous awakenings. As this i

s the time for the earth and all souls to ascend into a new level of consciousness. And this is what we have been waiting and preparing for eons.

After so long time of feeling of separation, these times of the Aquarian age are making possible the realization of our identity as unique individuation of God Source and experiencing ourselves as our multidimensional Higher Selves. The purification process and the DNA activation enables this multidimensional experience and life. It is like combined process: embodying of the spiritual dimensions toward the physical, and ascending the physical toward the spiritual and allowing anything “old” hindering this to be let go of. And this process enables an ever deepening awareness and opening of the multi-dimensionality.

The multi-dimensional experience allows us to really experience ourselves that reality is much more than a physical universe in 3 dimensions that the most people are experiencing all of the waking hours. In our ever deepening experience we become to see that there are so many universes existing at different frequency bands. And they exist simultaneously, as other expressions of the reality with a different levels of consciousness. Thus, each one’s what we call as “reality” is determined by the state of our consciousness and everything in our lives is also perceived differently, accordingly.

In the multi-dimensional experience, the higher dimensions can be included into physical form by preparation and committed practice. The purification process and DNA activation is, in my experience, the great part of this, yet so are prayers, yoga, daily meditation and other spiritually inspired actions in our daily lives.

However, the times of change require also preparation and some periods of time to integrate all the change that is taking place. The new and unfamiliar experiences may seem to be challenging for the ego mind that is used to the familiar 3 dimensional experience. It is of great help to understand the process and learn how to let let go of what is not needed and to be able to welcome with courage and open heart-mind the new energies, perceptions and “reality”.

May we all recognize ourselves as the One human family, as individuated Beings of God Source with unique gifts and life missions in motion for the higher good for all. May the blessings of the Light open our heart to see and our minds to silent in sacred reality and the Mother Earth to become radiant in ascension into realms of Light and love. AHU~ Swami Tavishiananda /