“Saints are no different than any of you, be one with the One. Guru Nanak said, “Ek ong kar.” Let us try to accept ourselves as creatures of the One in creativity.” Yogi Bhajan

This day I received this great re-minder in my email. I am at Rantasalmi at the countryside of Finland, by the lakes and forests. These days I have spend much time to tune into the rhythm of Mother Nature. And the more days I spend here, the more I start to live again what I lived in my childhood here at the countryside (where I was born); oneness with the nature, trees, animals, and everything.

The rhythm of the Nature becomes the rhythm of me yet there is no “me”, just the natural being and living where actions happen as they happen, naturally.

Also our baby sleeps deeply and longer during day time than at the city of Espoo where we live.

The thing is that I believe strongly that we all need more at-onement with nature, and the more the better. Trough the touch of the nature the energy field is balanced naturally and we get deeply healed and rejuvenated, just by enjoying the stillness, peace and rhythm of Nature. I believe that the quote by Yogi Bhajan becomes naturally experienced in deep touch with Nature.

Care for yourself enough to re-tune your self with Nature!