Energy healing  sessions: Aura clearing, Karma removal, J seal removal and DNA Activations:

The basic package of energy healing sessions include at least 5 distant healing sessions. Always we require to start with Auric Clearing, then you can choose one (at least) or as many as you desire of Karma Removal sessions, after which you can continue with J seal removal and  DNA Activations. All sessions are distant energy healing sessions and can be done no matter of the physical location of the person. Personal meetings can be booked separately.

In Auric Clearing energy healing we work to clear ids (identities), occupants, portals, wormholes, discarnates and other auric attachments in order to raise your frequency and enhance your personal flourishing. In  this session the highest priority blockages, thought-forms and auric attachments  are cleared which are responsible from the greatest pain or suffering experiences in your life.

In Karma Removal we concentrate to transmute the highest priority karmic contracts such as; decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously so you can own the golden hidden wisdom within these experiences within you.

DNA Activation energy healing

DNA activation 1: In  this session energetic blockages and implants that currently are blocking your DNA to activate naturally are cleared. This is important, because most people have many blockages which are of lower frequencies, which are hindering DNA activation and holding the higher frequencies. We also remove energetic blockages from your pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata and all the 15 chakras. By removing blockages from all 15 chakras, brain centers and DNA Template means to restore them to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function.

Currently humans have many distortions in their first 3 dna strands which correspond to the physical (subconscious), emotional (instinctual mind) and mental (reasoning mind) bodies. These distortions are causing e.g. physical, emotional and mental dis-eases. By re-establishing the harmonic interrelationships between these dna strands we are able to restore the Original Organic Blueprint for health and manifest a harmonious communication between the emotional and mental body. Distortions in the 2nd and 3rd DNA strands are the main cause for misinterpretation of reality and the source of a life full of drama. Restoring and assembling our chemical DNA is very important if we desire to accrete in our bodies the expansion of consciousness and higher frequencies our etheric DNA Strands hold.

DNA Activation sessions 2 and 3: These energy healing sessions are intented to assist you in “waking up” and to see more clearly what is that you came here to do in line with Divine and “who you are”. These DNA activations focus on the removal of blockages that disable the original process of DNA Activation and multiple stages for accelerated DNA Activation of the original 12 Strand DNA Template. Furthermore, in these sessions your 15 chakras (which are connected to your DNA Template) and your “spiritual” brain centers (pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata) are also activated to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function.The evolutionary path of human consciousness is to activate the higher strands of DNA so that we can ascend through the multidimensional time matrix and merge once again with Source.  These sessions work on all levels of your DNA Template to activate the additional strands of DNA that enable the embodiment of your Higher self and the state of multidimensional awareness. This sessions are also intented to increase your particle pulsation rhythm to match the higher frequencies the Earth is experiencing right now and be able to make the ascension time continuum shift to the 4th dimension and higher where as similarly you can become a frequency “holder” to assist the humanity in this process of ascension.

Advanced Energy Healing Sessions: For all advanced sessions at least 1 Auric Clearing and 1 Karma Removal, J Seal and 2 DNA activation sessions is recommended to be  done first.

Golden DNA activations Sessions (see Programs)

These energy healing sessions are consist of activating DNA from its current blueprint, back to the original sacred God Gold print, using specific Golden DNA Activation codes that enable this to occur and have imbued within them the templates of Source/God, which are untouched by any interferences, distortions, or mis-deeds of people. In these sessions the intent is to activate the 144,000 Golden DNA Strands from the Universe of Absolute Harmonic Realms (the higher universal self of our universe) so that you can start embodying the frequencies of the Absolute Harmonic Realms here on Earth. These golden strands are found within the 12 strand DNA Template. These activations are intended to assist in embodying person’s Higher Self, to attain self-mastery, in finding person’s OWN life purpose, in re-membrance of “WHO YOU ARE” and in assisting the ascension process.

The 12 Sacred codes of ascension (see Programs)

When you feel a deep longing home, like a calling to return home, a longing that fills you from insideout and goes deeper than any of your rational mind, through your ego structures and emenates from the purity of the heart…

The 12 Sacred Codes for Ascension© are based on sacred geometry and are intended to assist commitment individuals in ascension process and the fulfillment of divine purpose. These 12 sacred geometry codes come from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, they are living entities which contain encrypted mathematical programs of light and sound that activate the human morphogenetic field and DNA template for progressive expansion of consciousness and light accretion. They serve as portals for divine intents and intelligent information from the higher realms to descend on those that choose to carry these Sacred Codes within their energetic field Through the Ascension Assisted Program™ 144,000 souls will restore once again the original divine blueprint for ascension and collective awakening. Each code has a unique and specific divine intention and through interactive sessions the codes will be activated via optical-pineal induction within the DNA, chakras and other energy centers.

AH Code Sessions (see interactive coaching sessions)

AH Energy Medicine, also known as Codeology, is an alternative healing technique which uses sacred geometrical self-healing patterns called the Sacred Codes of AH© (Absolute Harmony) to increase one’s potential, well-being and success in life by strengthening the healer within. The Sacred Codes of AH© are “Living Codes of Consciousness” or “Divine Templates of Source”. These sacred codes come from ancient wisdom and are being given at this time of great evolution to support the healing and Ascension of the Earth and Humanity. These very powerful Codes are encrypted with specific imagery, intention, wording, prayer, desire, color, numerology, sacred chanting and meditation coming from the Intelligent Space Field. Although the encrypted information in each Code is not visible to the ordinary eye, it reaches the subconscious mind where all change truly takes place.

Other session examples:

Master the connection to your Higher Self

These sessions are intended to guide you how to communicate with your Higher Self by reading energetic signatures within your left hand and thus enable you to ask questions of your life from YOUR own Higher Self which is you in multidimensional realms. In this session also the energetic blockages, attitudes and beliefs hindering you in doing this are cleared. This is done via Skype or msn messenger and is a one hour session. After this you can start doing decisions and living in line with your own Higher Self.

Interactive healing/coaching sessions via Skype

Within these sessions we communicate with msn messenger or skype. These sessions are integrated approach sessions, living in the Divine NOW, holding aspects and combining energetic clearings, DNA activations combined with the approach of Integral Psychology methods and Transcendental Rebirthing principles. Each session is different and adjusted in the NOW within the intention of you for each session and within the living space of NOW which holds no hidden agenda.

Karma removal energy healing sessions with special intent

These sessions are made with an intent of your desire and can be made also via msn messenger if you choose so. Common karma removal sessions with specific intent are for example Codependency related karma sessions, Fear related karma sessions, Self sabotage and Self diminishment related sessions.

Kundalini yoga and meditation

Kundalini yoga instruction sessions also via Skype for personal Sadhana practise. We connect in Skype within the Intelligent Space and create a personal daily Sadhana for you to empower your life, master your state and to find peace within with meditation practises.

Contact: ella(at) to schedule your sessions