Aura is an electro-magnetic field or the light body that surrounds the physical body.

Because of unreseolved issues, emotions and past analogical moments of stress and trauma, many people have many auric attachments, such as occupants (solidified thoughtforms), discarnates (disembodied spirits that “occupy” the body, thus hindering growth of person and ability to live in line with Higher Self), portals, wormholes or negative thoughtforms in their 15 dimensional system. These auric attachements look clairvoyantly as holes or dark areas in the auric field which represent the unresolved issues and past analogical moments.

Auric clearing is a distance healing session where person’s auric body is throughoutly scanned. And by using scalar language and energy directing techniques and by communicating with your Higher Self and subconscious mind whatever the form of attachments comes ahead, it is transmuted to obtain a quantum release from your field. This usually feels like a sense of tremendous release and frequently person feels much lighter after the session, as if huge weight had been permanently taken away. And what actually can be “seen” and is occurring is that as the negative energies are gone, they are replaced with golden soul fragments returning to a person.

The energetic blockages cause many kind of dis-ease, drama and physical illnessess and attract places, times and events of these lower frequencies. And as we can observe many people spend years on psychological therapies, or study self help books and yet they do not get forward in their life path and experience limited self growth. This is because the energetic blockages are atrracting certain situation, relationships and “reality” until these are transmuted from person’s field. And the longer the unresolved issue is let to be there to “evolve”, the more solidified the blockage gets, as every time we activate the identifications or ids related to the issue we also charge it with more emotional power. This in turn creates higher magnetic charge and thus the person expriences difficulty in getting forward in life. While the energetic level blockages are permanently transmuted, the person starts to attract higher frequency situations, happenings, relationships, places and events etc. in her life with a principle of “like attracts like”.

Usually we create identification or ids during analogical moments, traumatic or stressed situations, illnesses, etc. During these reactive moments, where “time seem to be not” parts of our soul fragments separates from our light body and charges with the emotion, thought, attitude or belief we had in that analogical moment.  These ids can get solidified and make e.g occupants, which are identifications or ids that are very solidified and autonomous and thus they “think” that they own person’s body. Thus once activated by any trigger related to them, person often re-acts “automatically” accordingly in a given situation or event and often without conscious awareness or possibility to choose other kind of response before the re-actions are already taking place. Discarnates are e.g. people we have known in past lives that are still tied to person by a karmic tie or they can be spirits tied to peope by hatred, fear and other negative emotions which in general attract them into people’s field. Discarnates often cause beliefs, re-actions, thoughts and emotions which people experience as contradictory to self (“it was not me, I don’t know why I behave like this”). Thus, much drama, fear, shame, guilt, criticism, self diminshment etc. result in people’s life. Portals on the othe rhand, are openings in auric field that absorb unconsciously others’ adverse throught, beliefs and re-active emotional states causing energy loss and even illness.

This is always the first session to choose. After this we continue with karma clearing and J seal removal sessions. Before a person goes through the DNA Activation process, he or she is required ‘clean up’ the energy field as much as possible.

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