Karma clearing session is directed by the person’s Higher Self and the subconscious which shows the main inherited imprints in this life, the main shadow self personas, beliefs, attitudes, thoughtforms or archetypes that are causing the most drama, dis-ease and hindrance in getting forward in personal growth and flourishing of life. Each and every person have own special gifts, talents and life purpose. Yet people inherit many karmic imprints even many generatios back while born and people carry some karmic load even several lifetimes. And before these are transmuted and the golden frequencies of our soul are regained people may feel stucked on their path towars their life purpose, finding their own gifts and living a life with peace, love and serenity and without constant drama.

The Karma Clearing is a Distant Healing session that clears the highest priority imprints. Karmic imprints can be related to unconsciously-held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations, agreements that we live by and have made with other people. When these polarised issues are transmuted, person’s life can start to change and person can start to attract new event, possibilities, relationships and new kind of “reality” to live.

Karma removal is the second session after the auric clearing session. After this we continue with J seal removal and DNA Activations.

You can choose many karmic sessions with your specific intent for each session. There are many imprints, analogical moments, identifications, personas and patterns form our past life and this life as well as those we inherit even 12 generations back, therefore, during each Karmic Clearing Session, I facilitate to remove as many higher priority karmic imprints and deep energetic attachments and blocakges as possible in one session and guided by client’s Higher Self.

To schedule your session: contact: ella@energyinteraction.net

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