Welcome to inter-active skype sessions, where we work on energy release work, divine attunements, and spiritual mentorship assisting you in releasing all obstacles and all distorted energies, that keep you from living the life you dream of and realize your true awakened self and life’s purpose.

Within these sessions we communicate with skype chat. These sessions are integrated approach sessions, living in the Divine NOW, holding aspects and combining energetic clearings, DNA activations, intuitive soul healing combined with the approach of Integral Psychology methods and guidance into deep Self inquiry. Each session is different and adjusted in the NOW with your intention for each session and within the living Intelligent space of NOW which holds no hidden agenda and guides the space in safety and clarity and most of all in Love.

contact: ella@energyinteraction.net to book your private session, starting from 75 eur/60 min session or 45 eur/35 min session.


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