The Codes of AH are sacred geometry codes that come from the Absolute Harmonic (AH) Universe also known as the Golden Liquid Realms. These codes are living consciousness which contain encrypted mathematical programs of light and sound that activate the human morphogenetic field and DNA template for progressive expansion of consciousness, light accretion and organic healing.

The sacred codes of AH serve as portals for divine intents and intelligent information from the higher realms to descend on those that choose to carry these Sacred Codes within their energetic field with the intent to serve humanity and themselves. Each Sacred Code is encrypted with specific imagery, Sacred Geometry, color, sound, prayers, mantras and intentions.  This sacred information reaches the subconscious mind where true change and healing takes place.

These Sacred Geometry Codes or mandalas are intended to assist you in your ascension process, healing emotional-mental-spiritual balance and the fulfillment of your divine purpose here on Earth by activating within your field the frequencies of ascension these sacred tools hold.

The Codes of AH  are being received at a most important time in humanity, where ascension and global changes are taking place. The Great White Brotherhood, living in dimensions 12 through 15, are using these codes to assist humanity to calibrate itself in to higher unconditional love-filled frequencies, that will serve as fuel to travel inside the star-gate of evolution towards Earth’s ascension and its people.

After many years of studying many healing facilitation techniques and spiritual practices, integral psychology, social services, kundalini yoga teacher certification training, having intensive training with Swami Amenai and Swami Shivananda and facilitating many years distant healing sessions  I am certified as Codeologist of AH to support others through coaching, personal mentoring and healing sessions and programs using these sacred Codes of AH.

The sacred codes of AH healing sessions and personal mentoring and programs  offer a tool for you to deeper self mastery, self actualization, life in joy, harmony, omni-love and peace and are serving as a tool for ascension process.

Welcome from my heart to the healing sessions with the codes of AH(c)

Every session consist of 60 minutes individual coaching via msn/Skype or distant healing. Group sessions upon request.

Investment per session : 87 Eur. paid via paypal prior the session time.

A minimum of 3 to 7 sessions are recommended for the highest benefit of the client.

You can book your session by sending an email to:

Examples of sessions with an intention:

-Healing the Pain body sessions

-Conquering the fears sessions

-From competition and self righteousness to cooperation and peace sessions

-Letting go of worry, reactive mindset, welcoming peace sessions

-Moving forward in life sessions

-Analogical moments healing sessions

-Healing and activating the brain centers for Absolute Harmony sessions

-Activating the frequencies of love origins and life of integrity sessions

-Harmonizing body-mind-soul system sessions

-Self empowerment for absolute brilliant life sessions

-Healing the relationships with parents and inner child sessions

-Harmonious relationships manifesting sessions

-Attracting absolute harmonic financial holistic success sessions

-Ascending in frequencies of joy and safety sessions

-Creating a peace within sessions

-Welcoming emotional mastery sessions

Examples of the programs:

-Golden DNA activation program

-12 sacred codes for ascension

-Great Master training

-Diamond mentorship program for women (DMP)

-Master your personality program


The codes of AH are created and copyrighted by Ivonne Delaflor.


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