In this love  life begins

In a state of not-knowing,
melting with nature,

with trees, with flowers,

with skies

and with the sun.

Not knowing where to end
and where to begin.

like a child
whose eyes are full of wonder.

In the awe

feeling the existence,
not knowing

but feeling
and loving
loving that which is.

In this love
life begins.

(c) Ella Rönkkönen aka Swami Tavishiananda

Founder of AHU Energy Inter Action

Not knowing mind is the open mind of Light

“When you come with knowledge you come already corrupted. When you come in innocence, knowing that you don’t know, then the doors are open – then you will be able to know. Only that person who has no knowledge is capable of knowing.” -Osho

I just read this joke today:

A small child is reading a pictorial book on wildlife, and he becomes very intrigued with the pictures of ferocious lions. He reads whatsoever is there, but one question is not answered there, so he asks his mother.

He asks his mother: “Mom, what type of love life do lions have?”
The mother said, “Son, I don’t know much about Lions because all your father’s friends are Rotarians.”

It shows how easily when our mind is occupied with some idea or agenda it can not be open and SEE, neither listen what is being said.

Osho said in one of his talks that the difference in looking and seeing is that when you are looking, mind is active; when you are seeing, mind is passive – that is the difference. When you are looking, mind is trying to manipulate. When you are seeing, mind is silent – just watching, available, open, with no idea in particular to enforce on reality.

Open mind enables innocence and opening of our heart and mind to silence and inner knowing. There is no ego agenda and life flows, flowers inside open and light shines within and out.

Much love and joy of not knowing to your day!

Swami Tavishiananda

Message from the Intelligent Space 6.3.2013:

Why are so many afraid to be still?
To just be in solitude and look within?
Just to look within and see what is there…

Much courage is required.
Courage and willingness to face and recognize all
To look what had been the mind of individual been nurturing?

Are you ready sweet Ones
to meet your self one to one
face to face?
To see and to open
to heal and to be Present
here and Now to what is?

Say yes to Life
Say yes to courageous path of Truth
that meets what is
in clarity and in Light of awareness.
Fear not if thou find anger
or sadness
or what thy mind may label as turmoil.
Look within courageously
Be with thy Self in Light
and Welcome the stillness
evolving gradually…
into Bliss
and celebration of the natural and True of Yourself.

Allow the support of the Light and Masters
And welcome the soul mission with joy
with gratitude and with humility.

Meditate and sing thy song of Life.

Om Namah Shivaya,


(c) Ella Rönkkönen / AHU Energy Inter Action

Nurturing our inner child

There is a little child within each of us who needs love and acceptance and sometimes healing… as when we were children we may have received the punishment-reward kind of education and thus may have taught that “I’m not good enough” or “something is wrong with me” etc. And when we grow older, we may have created beliefs of many kinds and carry these false beliefs with us.

The parent inside of us, if we just pause and listen inside, may even seem to constantly judge the child within about what seems not going “right” and is going “wrong” or in which ways the child is not good enough. What can we do, is to allow consciously the inner parent to become more nurturing, loving and accepting to our inner child. It means to heal the past and to become more whole, more aware and more open to life.

We can communicate with our inner child and heal her/him in the awareness, acceptance, love and by transmuting the ids (identifications) and past analogical moments of the past events. Recently I have offered these kind of sessions via Skype chat where we nurture and open the inner child healing within. Love is the healing power and added with forgiveness and acceptance we have a powerful tool for nurturing and healing our inner child towards wholeness in our experience.

Much love,

Swami Tavishiananda

Sharing Baby Wisdom

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart.” -Chandogya Upanishad

We received a miraculous Gift from God, as a Little Girl was born to our family. I see so much beauty and light on our baby daughter who is now 12 days young in this dimension, I can watch her for hours while she sleeps… or not.

She is so beautiful, full of awareness and connection to the Source and everything in her is honest, true, beautiful and simple. And this is what I see in all children. There is absolute wisdom in that beingness of a little child, no words required, just love and awareness… Silence.

I feel our children are really our true Gurus and remind, teach and model us every day of what Life is really about.

We as newborn parents with my life partner Swami Sahatananda are so grateful and in constant awe.

We are reading the Sacred Messages for Parents of the World that Sri Babaji gave to Swami Amarananda and Swami Amenai. Here I share the message 12 per 13 of the Book as celebration of this day and to honor all parents and children in the now:

Message 12:

“Now, Thou shall find many beings living in the concept of illusion, the concept and realm of Maya. You must remember that the way to see reality is through kind words, kind deeds and and love. Many grownups have hardened heart living in this Maya. To melt that hardening, we must vibrate higher and higher in love, with honesty and strength in the truth.

Ham Sa, ham Sa, ham SA… So ham, so ham, so ham”

-from the book Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World by Swamini Amenanda and Swami Amarananda

In love and awe of this miraculous Life, much love from my heart to yours,

Swamini Tavishiananda