Golden DNA activations Sessions

These energy healing sessions are consist of activating DNA from its current blueprint, back to the original sacred God Gold print, using specific Golden DNA Activation codes that enable this to occur and have imbued within them the templates of Source/God, which are untouched by any interferences, distortions, or mis-deeds of people. In these sessions the intent is to activate the 144,000 Golden DNA Strands from the Universe of Absolute Harmonic Realms (the higher universal self of our universe) so that you can start embodying the frequencies of the Absolute Harmonic Realms here on Earth. These golden strands are found within the 12 strand DNA Template. These activations are intended to assist in embodying person’s Higher Self, to attain self-mastery, in finding person’s OWN life purpose, in re-membrance of “WHO YOU ARE” and in assisting the ascension process.

The 12 Sacred codes of ascension

When you feel a deep longing home, like a calling to return home, a longing that fills you from insideout and goes deeper than any of your rational mind, through your ego structures and emenates from the purity of the heart…

The 12 Sacred Codes for Ascension© are based on sacred geometry and are intended to assist commitment individuals in ascension process and the fulfillment of divine purpose. These 12 sacred geometry codes come from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, they are living entities which contain encrypted mathematical programs of light and sound that activate the human morphogenetic field and DNA template for progressive expansion of consciousness and light accretion. They serve as portals for divine intents and intelligent information from the higher realms to descend on those that choose to carry these Sacred Codes within their energetic field Through the Ascension Assisted Program™ 144,000 souls will restore once again the original divine blueprint for ascension and collective awakening. Each code has a unique and specific divine intention and through interactive sessions the codes will be activated via optical-pineal induction within the DNA, chakras and other energy centers.

AH Code Sessions and programs

AH Energy Medicine, also known as Codeology, is an alternative healing technique which uses sacred geometrical self-healing patterns called the Sacred Codes of AH© (Absolute Harmony) to increase one’s potential, well-being and success in life by strengthening the healer within. The Sacred Codes of AH© are “Living Codes of Consciousness” or “Divine Templates of Source”. These sacred codes come from ancient wisdom and are being given at this time of great evolution to support the healing and Ascension of the Earth and Humanity. These very powerful Codes are encrypted with specific imagery, intention, wording, prayer, desire, color, numerology, sacred chanting and meditation coming from the Intelligent Space Field. Although the encrypted information in each Code is not visible to the ordinary eye, it reaches the subconscious mind where all change truly takes place.

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