You can pay the session or make a donation to AHU Energy Inter Action with the above paypal link or at the Store page or I can send you an invoice via paypal. Please schedule the sessions by contacting

Healing sessions Prices, taxes (24 % VAT) are included into the prices:

  • Aura Clearing 75 EUR
  • Karma Removal 75 Eur
  • J seal Removal 75 Eur
  • DNA activation session 1. and 2. 75 EUR/session
  • Higher strand DNA activations 87 EUR/session
  • Golden DNA activation 111 EUR per session
  • 12 Sacred codes for ascension 111 EUR per session
  • AH code Energy Healing session 87 EUR
  • Kundalini yoga private teaching, class or private class ask separately
  • Private session with Ella on line 87 EUR or online TIP (Transcendental Integral Psychology) session
  • Transcendental rebirthing private session please ask separately starting from 87 per hour
  • The Great Master Training 528 eur
  • Master your personality program 111 Eur per module or 585 Eur all 6 modules when bought at once.
  • DMP (Diamond Mentorship Program for women) starting from 250 Eur/month of personal coaching
  • Master your personality program 111 eur per module
  • Kundalini yoga class 13 eur/person (at Leppävaara only, the courses and workshops are prized separetely)


  • All sessions, treatments are not intented to diagnose, cure, treat or replace any medical support and/or treatment and the student is responsible for his/her own health condition before, during and after the sessions.
  • The sessions take automatically place as scheduled upon receipt of the full amount. The student is responsible for his/her own punctuality.
  • Cancellations and/or changes of already scheduled sessions can be honored without additional costs at least 48 hours prior to the session.
  • The student has acknowledged and agreed the policies before starting a session.


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